Wellness Offerings

        Are you:

  • an individual looking to build a regular practice for the body and mind

  • seeking relief from chronic pain or other difficulties with sleep, stress, discomfort, or imbalances

  • a company looking to build a culture of mindfulness and wellbeing

  • willing to invest in yourself with a consistent routine that will help create meaningful shift in yours and the lives of your peers, friends, and family?

Then you are in the right place and I hope to work with you on your personal goals soon


Photo by Rafe Karen courtesy of hOM

Photo by Rafe Karen courtesy of hOM

Private Yoga & Meditation

Each class is designed with your specific needs in mind.

I teach a variety of yoga techniques in styles that include Vinyasa, Hatha, Yin, and Restorative. Meditation may take the form of a traditional Zen Buddhist Mindfulness practice or a TM/Vedic style meditation using mantra, breathwork, mudra, and mala. Yoga Nidra is also woven into both the private yoga and meditation practices.

We can meet at some of my favorite studios in a private space near you or I can come to your place, space permitting. We can even meet up online via Skype or Google Hangout.

Please complete the intake form before the first session so I can get a better understanding of your goals for your yoga or meditation practice, even if as simple as to gain flexibility or to increase strength, lose weight, or improve sleep and decrease stress. 

Photo by Joelle Ng courtesy of Naam Yoga NY

Photo by Joelle Ng courtesy of Naam Yoga NY

Thai Bodywork

Thai Yoga Massage is an ancient healing art form that was brought from India to Thailand at the same time that Buddhism flourished, around the 3rd or 2nd century B.C. Thai Yoga Massage, therefore, lies closely in line with yoga philosophy. I received my training in Bali, Indonesia from Eva Sion and in North Thailand at the Sunshine Network founded by Asokananda with Kaline Alayna Kelly.

The basis of the technique is grounded in the manipulation of the invisible energy lines, called nadi or chi, that run throughout the body. Blending elements of acupressure, yoga stretching, reflexology, cranial sacral therapy, physiotherapy, meditation, and Ayurveda to activate these energy lines, certain energy blockages that manifest in pain and illness can be opened. Over long-term practice and treatment, the natural healing process will be activated with free-flowing energy and eventually the receiver will eventually be empowered to heal themselves.

Thai Yoga Massage is an intimate and mindful art of touch, and a meditation of loving kindness, on the part of the healer. It can be a great compliment to a regular massage. It is performed on a therapeutic mat on the floor. The client and practitioner are dressed in comfortable clothing to allow ease of movement, and no oils or creams are used throughout the treatment.

Sessions can be 1 hour or 90 minutes so please specify your preferred duration in the intake form below. It is recommended to receive at least three consecutive sessions if you are new or have not received thai massage in a while.

Photo by Joelle Ng courtesy of Naam Yoga NY

Photo by Joelle Ng courtesy of Naam Yoga NY

Custom Daily/Weekly Practice

If you're looking to develop a Sadhana, or Daily Practice, we'll work more closely with your lifestyle in an effort to create meaningful shift in your life in alignment with your intentions and goals.

Practices may include a combination of yoga asana, pranayama, meditation, guided relaxation, journaling exercises, ayurvedic rituals, and more, depending on your desired outcomes.

Packages include a minimum of 1 month commitment up to a full year. There will be a follow-up meeting or call once the Intake form is completed, and the first session is free to determine if we're a mutual fit to work together. 

Share the LOVE!!! 

It really felt like yoga was done to my body… I had a big boost of energy and definitely feel more mobility and strength... kind of like limitations I had were broken and I have a sense of liberation.
— Bea Filc (Social Worker, RMT)
I can’t say enough how amazing the massage was and how great I felt after. You are truly gifted at what you do.
— Kerry Ann Bourgeois (Educator)
Lilli manages to strike a remarkable balance between being a personable guide and a wise leader within her work. During the entirety of the Thai massage session with her I felt incredibly relaxed not only by her obvious competency and skill but also by the friendly humor with which she navigated the new experience for me. I very much believe that if your “guru” or “guide” of the moment is not leading the way into mystic waters with a hint of a smile in their eyes, they’re not really taking you any further than your daily experience. Lilli managed to do just that, blending recognizable Western kinesthetic vocabulary with Eastern application. The result was a teaching experience about my own body and places I wasn’t aware were held or immobilized by my own practice and patterns. Quickly on the heels of that knowledge, however, was a deep sense of relaxation and safety in feeling more than capable of correcting imbalances with more body work of this nature. I’d absolutely recommend anyone work with Lilli and hope to return for her services in the future!
— Alec Shaw (Actor, Personal Fitness Consultant)

I just experienced my very first Thai yoga massage with Lilli and I’m so glad I did. Taking an hour of self-care was the perfect way to end the week. I practice yoga daily but this is not something I would be able to do on my own which makes it so special. Lilli was able to stretch and massage areas that I didn’t even know were tight!
— Kelly Hotzoglou (Yoga Teacher, Finance Professional)

Share your thoughts with me and the community after you receive a wellness session. Any feedback is appreciated! With gratitude <3 

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